learning site

The page image is a link to a great site for learning, sharing and reviewing tech integration strategies, theory, resources and more.
Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 1.38.21 AM

This is a resource for educators interested in:

  • authentic technology integration across the curriculum (from teachers just getting started all the way up to administrators looking for integration blueprints)
  • educators nervous about the increasing demands to use technology in their classrooms
  • International Baccalaureate practitioners looking for new ideas
  • anyone interested in creating and sharing increasingly higher quality video presentations
  • sharing what they know to advance learning everywhere

I have tried my best to organize my own thoughts and learning about meaningful integration here to use as a training site for those getting started and as a repository for myself and others looking for resources for presentations or to review for themselves.

Many of the links are from my study for the Certificate of Educational Technology & Information Literacy, offered through Yokohama International SchoolI have cited sources throughout and made mention of the names of some who have contributed in a more direct fashion.

Documents for you to use are found on the wiki. The wiki is where I hope to see some of your thoughts as you, in turn, share what you have done and learned.

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