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Redefining SAMR?

OK, let’s go out on a limb here. SAMR. We know it. We love it. But have we thought about it? I mean really thought about it? It is doubtlessly a fantastic tool for reflecting on how we integrate technology … Continue reading

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Supporting Students with the MYP Design Cycle

Use of the design cycle is the focus of MYP Technology classes. It can be difficult for students accustomed to a final assessment project style (as is partially the case in the PYP) to grasp that the manner in which they create … Continue reading

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October 7th Profundity

When no one in your class thinks twice about saying, “I don’t get it,” everyone starts learning better.

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Alan Watts’ Profundity

All words are labels on intellectual pigeonholes

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Deep Thoughts

Making mistakes is forgivable. Being counterproductive is not.

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