Educational Material Development

If you’ve been here before you know this blog is dedicated to creating and sharing. I have recently been asked about materials development and “what I do.”

Well, I’m a teacher at the core of it all. I do what I hope we all do. I share.

As such, I’ve always been an educational material developer. I started, as many of us do, drawing, cutting, pasting and building as a kindergarten teacher where I was largely unable to share what I produced for/with my students with other teachers. With the increasing prevalence of the internet, however, I now almost feel guilty if I don’t share actionable ideas and resources with my growing professional learning network (PLN).

So yes, back to materials. I am a BIG sharer so I have complied a number of some of the most popular (likely translating to most useful) shares here. There have been a number of resources over the years. From MYP Technology:

To supporting students with the transition to the MYP Technology Programme through the PYP Exhibition:


To sites created for and collaboratively with participants to continue the learning long after the events themselves have ended:

There have been student created sites I cannot share here because of a school’s policy. Please see the video below for a full treatment of one comprehensive unit in which students used design thinking and flat classroom practices in concert with the International Society for Technology in Education’s (ISTE) Students Standards (NETS) as rubric points.

Other sites have been created for students to develop understandings and share:

And, of course, supporting students with the PYP Exhibition from a technology standpoint:

Not all of it is my own. This is a fundamental point. We need to impart to students the facts of living in a connectivist world:

  • We need to share what we do
  • We need to share what other people produce (curate)
  • We need to become valuable nodes in the networks of other people

A perfect example would be this Design Cycle, based on the Tokyo Yamanote line, shared with me and generously given consent to share with the world.

This is a screenshot of the overall design (below). This link takes you to the full thing with each section elaborated larger.

Design Cycle Suzanne Kitto
But I a most proud of my educational technology site This was started as a personal repository as I completed a post-graduate certificate course in educational technology. It has grown since. Often I make a page as part of my note-taking process when attending workshops. Free for all and a great resource to share around.

I have included my Apple Distinguished Educator application video here for the sake of comprehensivity. It is a great program to get into if you are so inclined.

If you like any/all of this feel free to contact me as I deliver keynotes and workshops and am available as an educational technology consultant and affiliated with DEEP Learning as a Cooperative Team Leader.

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About Sean Thompson

Sean is an educational technology specialist at Sacred Heart International School in Tokyo. He travels extensively across southeast Asia speaking, presenting and participating in discussions regarding the effective integration of technology in an educational setting. In 2014 he partnered up with DEEP Learning to support the team with the development, promotion and execution of professional development conferences for teachers worldwide. Sean is also an Apple Distinguished Educator, an International Baccalaureate Educator Network Workshop Leader , a Google education Trainer and a Certified Google Educator available for professional development at your school.
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