I’m Flipping OUT!

No doubt there are those out there who would argue there is only one “true way” to define a flipped classroom effort. To those of you (and you know who you are) who find offense at what I am about to say… perhaps you should consider a vacation?

I am “flipping out” as much as possible these days. I started writing (and will finish some day) a HOW TO post to help those with less experience (must be someone) than myself with this.

I am flipping my classroom by making important mini-lessons and other resources available online so as not to have to use up classroom time with what can clearly be done at home, unlike the current unit’s work, in which students are collaboratively planning and constructing play structures for the Elementary School children.

I am doing a sort of one-two punch of presentations to SlideShare and YouTube (or Vimeo).

Example 1
I made a Keynote presentation explaining the current use of the MYP Design Cycle at my school. This is now available on the class website for students to review at any time at any place. It is very important as the process is the main focus of these classes. I am available to help students at any time but, with this available without question, the onus falls back on the students to take the time to review at home first instead of taking class time away from their project groups.

youtube-updates-platform-for-social-good-8bb4ae8a43Now, I make it first. Then I add a soundtrack. Then I upload it to YouTube or Vimeo. Like with any assignment, it is often easier for students to sit back and take it all in once before dissecting it, hence the video version.

Then comes the SlideShare version. This is the more functional of the two. When students get into their work, or later, when assessing themselves, the SlideShare is the best format to find and keep the information in front of them while they get to it.

I’ve done this for a number of different reasons now and I will share some examples below. I feel encouraged by the feedback from students but also from the thousands of views some of the SlideShares & videos enjoy, presumably from other teachers and students.

And there are still times when I make simple videos on their own to reinforce important messages:

The digital tools I am using here, however, could be used to improve anyone’s practice be they homeroom teachers, drama, math or any subject. I made this after an impromptu session helping a student in my homeroom with homework before classes begun:

Feels good to share.

About Sean Thompson

Sean is an educational technology specialist at Sacred Heart International School in Tokyo. He travels extensively across southeast Asia speaking, presenting and participating in discussions regarding the effective integration of technology in an educational setting. In 2014 he partnered up with DEEP Learning to support the team with the development, promotion and execution of professional development conferences for teachers worldwide. Sean is also an Apple Distinguished Educator, an International Baccalaureate Educator Network Workshop Leader , a Google education Trainer and a Certified Google Educator available for professional development at your school.
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1 Response to I’m Flipping OUT!

  1. BrendanLea says:

    Hi Sean,

    These are some great ideas and examples of your work. I’m glad to see you doing so well with flipping out. I’m currently experimenting with creating Vimeo tutorials for my students focussing on Google Docs. I have put some of the first ones online going over mail and calendar. What is great is that when I introduce an aspect of Google Docs to the students, they can then use the videos to help them in class or at home.

    I also like your idea for the Give-it-Away for free site. I might have to start my own for elementary.

    BTW Congrats on getting so many hits on your videos and slideshows.

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