Creative Sharing

I love making and sharing things with digital media. I have long pontificated about the new wondrous capacity to share with potentially global audiences through the use of the internet here and elsewhere so will spare you this soap box diatribe.

Having completed the first four courses towards my Master’s now, and having a couple of months before starting my new post as the ICT Specialist at Doshisha International School, Kyoto (DISK), I found myself finally starting a project I had been kicking around for several months.

Having learned so much this past year, I felt the compulsion to make a site that would try and make the highlights of my study immediately available to anyone out there interested in integrating technology into their classroom or school, but without the ability to start a proper course of study at the moment.

Welcome to the giveitaway site and it’s partner in crime, the giveitawaydotcom wiki. The site was designed as a sort of learn-at-your-own-pace, one-stop-shopping experience that educators can come to when they have some time to digest some new ideas or to reference when they’ve heard some new term they want to learn more about without having to wade through Google pages. (BTW, it has been said that the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of a Google search!)

In line with digital-age learning and sharing principles, it is not all my own. In fact, much of it is comprised of links to readings and videos that have been distilled for quick and easy access from others, arranged in what I hope is a logical, progressive manner.

The wiki is linked to it so I could share some of the resources I have produced or come across, made available free to all for their own purposes. I also hope to see others get on board and start sharing here as well. How about you?
Making the site was a big task to be sure, but a labour of love. It will never be finished and I will probably never be completely satisfied with it but I am quite proud of it, as well as the wiki.

It has already gone quite a long way to fulfilling its secondary functions, that of aiding me in the task of coaching others, and promoting my work. I can use it right away in my new role and, should I ever move on, it will be featured prominently as one of my more visible accomplishments.

I hope you will drop by and please feel free share with anyone you think might be interested or might benefit from it. Why don’t you join the wiki and get yourself a little exposure while you’re at it?

About Sean Thompson

Sean is an educational technology specialist at Sacred Heart International School in Tokyo. He travels extensively across southeast Asia speaking, presenting and participating in discussions regarding the effective integration of technology in an educational setting. In 2014 he partnered up with DEEP Learning to support the team with the development, promotion and execution of professional development conferences for teachers worldwide. Sean is also an Apple Distinguished Educator, an International Baccalaureate Educator Network Workshop Leader , a Google education Trainer and a Certified Google Educator available for professional development at your school.
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