Canadian (Teaching) Ingenuity Meets Project Based Learning

Thanks to Neil Stephenson for this inspiring account of project based learning in action.

About Sean Thompson

Sean has accepted a position as the Director of Technology at The Early Learning Centre, City School, in Bangkok. He is excited to be working with Giovanni Piazza and the rest of the staff to raise awareness of digital-age teaching and learning practice in this Reggio Emilia inspired environment. Sean is also an Apple Distinguished Educator, an International Baccalaureate Educator Network Workshop Leader and a Google Educator available for professional development at your school.
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3 Responses to Canadian (Teaching) Ingenuity Meets Project Based Learning

  1. Thanks for sharing this superb video – I wonder if it’s possible to show it during our next COETAIL meeting. Whilst watching I admired about how creative the planning behind the project design was – just as much as the students’ completed cigar boxes. One reservation expressed about project-based learning has been that projects could result in greater emphasis on the finished project than the process. However, watching this example I see how important the process is to the students’ learning. Do you think every unit should be project-based at your school?

    • Sean says:

      Hey Madeleine,

      Hmmmmmm… Your question is a tough one. Perhaps I will play it political and say that more investigation into the matter is necessary. Based on Kim’s leading question of Zoë at the last Saturday session I suppose I could score points by saying that I prefer challenge based learning?
      Truth is I have but one mixed success PBL experience under my belt. I can say will be doing it again ASAP and from now on but I am not in a position to say EVERY unit.

      I guess I still have too many unanswered questions left myself.
      The research is fun though.
      See you tomorrow!

  2. Corrie Ziegler says:

    I have been sharing your video that features one of your students sharing his reflections about his learning/work with the cigar box project through a video recording (the student has writing challenges). Since then, the link no longer works – so sad!! This video was such a powerful story about how to differentiate instruction based on learner strengths/needs. Is there any other way I can get access to the video?

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