Let’s here it for productivity!

My first ‘un-required’ post in some time. Just having received my first full course grade on the COETAIL program I have been inspired. Two jobs (the FT one in another prefecture), a two-year-old, a continuing job search (I am relentless in my pursuit of a suitable ICT environment these days) and still I managed an acceptable grade. (My goals are high. The grade matches the first letter in the last adjective of the sentence preceding the one prior to this.)

And how do I manage it all you ask? Well, the easy answer is the fact that after my many visitations and concomitant upgrades undertaken by the Overlord Xenu’s minions in my youth (reference Tom Cruise here) I now have superhuman abilities. Deep breath. The purpose for this post, however, is that I have been enabled, nay, empowered by technology to become more productive than ever before. I can reference materials virtually anywhere now that I have achieved portable wifi capability. I have been writing blog posts and reading saved materials even before that. I can plan on my iPad during my considerable commute and stay on top of digital correspondence and now… I can type with two hands on the new, split keyboard while standing here on the platform waiting for one of my trains!

My synced phone and iPad keep my schedule organized with reminders and notes while I use Notes to Store for lesson planning, Numbers for tracking and sharing student progress and Keynote for presentations like the speech I made at my friend’s wedding on Sunday (Used the iPhone as a remote for that, I did.). I am still looking forward to the day when I will no longer choose to be spread quite so thin but it feels great to be doing all that I am and still being capable of staying on top of the wave. Or as the Cohen brothers have put it (sort of) to be the one eating the bear instead of the other way around.

Final thought

It has been suggested to me about my digital footprint that in the interests of protecting my future employment prospects I self-edit more carefully. I agree but am a bit torn on this one. I have read that we lose 69% of ourselves in order to be like (assimilate) other people. I hope my job search will not be damaged by the post in question and I will give it another read but I will not compromise myself entirely. My ideal environment requires humor as well.


About Sean Thompson

Sean has accepted a position as the Director of Technology at The Early Learning Centre, City School, in Bangkok. He is excited to be working with Giovanni Piazza and the rest of the staff to raise awareness of digital-age teaching and learning practice in this Reggio Emilia inspired environment. Sean is also an Apple Distinguished Educator, an International Baccalaureate Educator Network Workshop Leader and a Google Educator available for professional development at your school.
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