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Course One in Retrospect

I am miles ahead. Miles. I have always been interested in and eager to learn more about and use new technology and naturally, as a teacher, that has meant integration. I have been most proficient to this point in using … Continue reading

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Should the International Society for Technological Education’s NETS for Teachers be part of a Teacher’s Evaluation Process?

The Question In addressing this question I feel it is instructive to outline the implied context of teacher evaluations and the integration of technology into the classroom from the outset. I doubt there are many that would argue against the … Continue reading

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National Educational Technology Standards: Where should student standards be taught?

A simple question really. My recent studies have reinforced for me the importance of integrating new media into the classroom and the necessity of empowering students with the skills to both use them effectively and to learn how to better … Continue reading

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Week 5 Blog Reflection/Flow of Consciousness Ramble: “How things are changing”

Preamble Ramble Having heard from Chris Betcher and Kim about the importance of an online presence when looking for a job I spent time putting together a little something for a job prospect recently. I learned that it is easier … Continue reading

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