THE BEST Intro to Copyright and Fair Use EVER!

I don’t know how many hours this took to make but it was worth every second!

Please share this gold.

Professor Eric Faden of Bucknell University provides this humorous, yet informative, review of copyright principles delivered through the words of the very folks we can thank for nearly endless copyright terms.

Video Found at

Free, online Acceptable Use Agreement
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Always looking to improve my practice of ICT integration, learn and share new things, I am presently involved in a course of study for a post-graduate certificate of educational technology and information literacy. My studies have further illustrated to me the importance of new media in education and the necessity of empowering students with the skills to both use them effectively and to learn how to better direct their own learning. It has further underlined for me how inextricably interwoven effective use of new media and development of collaborative skills are becoming. Having worked with students from K – 12 for years I have a real respect for the necessity of an articulated integration curriculum from a whole school standpoint. I am excited to announce my new position at Doshisha International School, Kyoto. To learn more about me please feel free to view my Hub, the website where I am currently updating my online creations.
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6 Responses to THE BEST Intro to Copyright and Fair Use EVER!

  1. Great resource! I love that each small clip falls under fair use so despite the video being made up of all copyright material, it’s still completely above board because the clips are so short (in my opinion anyway, I wouldn’t like to argue that in court).

  2. Mat says:

    Love the site, it has been very helpful. However, the contrast on this site makes it very challenging to view. Any chance we’ll see a background change?

    • Mat says:

      nevermind….as soon as I posted the comment the background changed (added a white frame over the leaves)…apparently it was a browser glitch.


    • Sean says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Is it the leaf pattern that is making it hard on the eyes?

      Please let me know so I can come up with a better option.

      If you have any comments on the site I’d love to hear them. People rarely make easily actionable commentary like this.

      Do you have a blog I could check out?

      Thanks again,

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