Putting it to work

I am getting my G6 class to add their email adds to a shared Google doc along with their own new password protected individual blog site details. So far they have posted reflections on an art assignment and are recording the ongoing results of a science experiment in pictures and text. It is great to see them directing some of their own learning and supporting one another. Friday we will be selecting personal themes.

I have also posted a number of photos and other information on our password protected class site including and an amimoto animated slideshow of our scientific endeavors to date.

COETAIL is already paying for itself.

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About Sean

Always looking to improve my practice of ICT integration, learn and share new things, I am presently involved in a course of study for a post-graduate certificate of educational technology and information literacy. My studies have further illustrated to me the importance of new media in education and the necessity of empowering students with the skills to both use them effectively and to learn how to better direct their own learning. It has further underlined for me how inextricably interwoven effective use of new media and development of collaborative skills are becoming. Having worked with students from K – 12 for years I have a real respect for the necessity of an articulated integration curriculum from a whole school standpoint. I am excited to announce my new position at Doshisha International School, Kyoto. To learn more about me please feel free to view my Hub, the website where I am currently updating my online creations.
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